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Pilot Chemical

Pilot Chemical Adds Four New Oil & Gas Products

June 21, 2021

In Q2 2021 Pilot Chemical launched four new Oil & Gas products to the market, an effort that was 12 months in the making. To support the launch, the company’s Oil & Gas website was updated to showcase its Oil & Gas portfolio and micro sites were created to tell the stories behind each of the products.

Here’s an overview on the new Oil & Gas product lineup and links to view the supporting digital marketing materials and data sheets:

Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

  • Pilot™ FR Slurry: A new entrant into the largest chemical spend in unconventional wells, allowing hydraulic fracturing at reduced pumping pressures for less horsepower and equipment costs. Pilot™ FR Slurry friction reducers provide superior inversion and high overall friction reduction, which translates directly to better field performance.  >> View the marketing materials
  • CalBlend® OG Surfactant Concentrate: A ready-to-use product using Pilot’s technology to help improve production and reduce logistics costs for our customers. CalBlend® OG Surfactant Concentrate helps prevent water blockage, improve oil flow and alter wettability of the formation to neutral-wet. It ultimately results in incremental return on investment in oilfield assets by driving higher oil production. >> View the marketing materials

Improved Oil Recovery

  • Pilot™ IOR Surfactant: A production-enhancing surfactant package that gives new life to declining shale-producing wells. Pilot’s IOR Surfactant product line offers synergistic surfactant blends for Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) applications in shales and carbonates. These field-ready, robust surfactant blends can alter the wettability of oil-wet tight formations to strongly water-wet and increase the oil production. >> View the marketing materials

Flow Assurance Solutions

  • Pilot™ Wax Control: An innovative approach to reduce paraffin deposition in wells, using core Pilot products, to help increase flow and improve production lifetime. Most crude oil contains paraffins that are soluble in oil under reservoir conditions but also precipitate and deposit onto tubing during production, restricting hydrocarbon flow. Pilot™ Wax Control uses the synergy between top-of-the-line paraffin inhibitors and the performance mechanisms of best-in-class paraffin dispersants to deliver maximum cost-performance benefit for paraffin inhibition under field conditions. >> View the marketing materials