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Pilot Polymer Technologies, Inc.

Pilot Polymer Technologies, Inc., of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, joined Pilot Chemical Company in July 2017. The company manufactures controlled radical polymerization (CRP)-based polymers for use in the oil field chemicals, lubricant additives and paints and coatings markets.

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Liquid Minerals Group LTD.

Liquid Minerals Group LTD. of New Waverly, Texas joined Pilot Chemical Company in June 2016. LMG is a global leader in fuel additives with over 50 years of experience in products for the oil field, refinery, power generation and marine industries.

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Aristonate® S-Series

Pilot Chemical uses its proprietary ice-cold sulfonation process to produce the Aristonate® S series, insuring consistency, uniformity and reliable performance. The Aristonate® S series can be used in a variety of applications.

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Oil Field Biocides

Pilot produces the highest quality and broadest range of EPA Registered Biocidal Quaternaries in the industry. Our Oil Field Biocides work to control bacteria growth in a wide-range of Oil Field processing applications

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Pilot specializes in EPA Registered Quaternary Compounds and Active Ingredients, which come with labels featuring an extensive claim base, unique use-sites, applications and formatting, and formulation options including a broad range of surfactant, dye, and fragrance choices

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Sustainable Chemistries

Pilot Chemical is committed to Product Stewardship, and strives to promote sustainability and environmentally friendly practices throughout the lifecycle of our products.

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Complete Surfactant Blends

CalBlend® products are preformulated performance concentrate blends. Simply mix with cold water to the preferred actives level, then add fragrance and dye to obtain a finished product ready for packaging.

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About Us

We’re Going Further

You can rely on Pilot for the highest quality chemistries in the industry, coupled with an unwavering commitment to the environment. Pilot Chemical's proprietary technologies include alkylation, sulfonation, sulfation, amidization and a number of other specialty operations.