Pilot Chemical offers a full range of amides derived from renewable and biodegradable vegetable resources. Calamide® products provide exceptional foam stability and viscosity building characteristics in bubble bath, shampoo, dishwashing, and all-purpose cleaners. Calamide®’s lipophilic and hydrophilic characteristics offer exceptional corrosion resistance and emulsification properties in metal lubrication and removal applications. In addition to the listed products, Pilot can custom manufacture Calamide® to meet your specifications.

Chemical Overview

Calamide® C

Cocamide DEA

Excellent and economical foam stabilizer, emulsifier and viscosity builder. Widely used in HI&I and personal care products. Offers great viscosity response with various salts.

Calamide® CW-100

Cocamide DEA

2:1 amide used for modifying viscosity and stabilizing foam. Additional free alkali increases solubility and detergency properties.

Calamide® CWT

Modified Cocamide DEA

Modified 2:1 alkanolamide with high solubility and excellent detergency. Great choice for high pH and non-rusting cleaners.

Calamide® MC

Cocamide MEA

Calamide MC is a white to off-white, 1:1 coconut monoethanolamide flake. It is a low free amine product and an ideal substitute for diethanolamides. Calamide® MC builds viscosity in a range of detergent systems and also serves as a foam stabilizer.