Keeping our most valuable asset, our employees, safe as they work at our sites with our products is a top priority.  Pilot Chemical is also committed to protecting contractors and visitors at our sites. For this reason, safety is at the forefront as we design our processes. There is a dedicated team of EHS&S professionals, regulatory specialists, product experts, chemists and engineers to accomplish this.


Core Components

Training is a key component of our safety program at Pilot Chemical.  Each new employee completes a comprehensive new hire orientation, as well as job specific safety training.  Our employees take part in monthly required safety training which cover all aspects of our business.  

As safety is a core value at Pilot and employees our greatest asset, off the job safety is important too.  Training topics covering off the job safety are integrated into the training program.  Pilot has a very active wellness program which encourages a healthy lifestyle, and employees families are encouraged to participate in the wellness challenges.  The wellness program has both on and off the job benefits for the employee and the business.

Pilot is a dynamic and growing company.  Contractors are a part of that either serving long term functions, or working on short term projects.  In addition to contractors, sites have visitors which include customers, potential vendors, and members of the community.  The safety of each and every contractor and visitor is of great importance to us.  Pilot has programs focused on ensuring their safety.  Each location has a Visitor and Contractor Orientation, which must be completed prior to arrival and annually thereafter, to ensure their awareness of critical safety information and local procedures. Contractor’s safety programs and performance are evaluated prior to performing work on site. All of this is part of our commitment to creating a safe work environment and ensuring the safety of the communities in which we operate.

It is important to provide feedback to our employees regarding health and safety performance.  Both leading and lagging metrics are kept to identify trends, set targets, and measure performance.  Contractors are included in our metrics as well.  In order to keep the business and our employees well informed we publish our EHS&S metrics and make updates available each month.