About Pilot Chemical

Pilot Chemical Company is a privately owned and independent global specialty chemical company providing high quality products and services to the household, industrial, and institutional (HI&I); metalworking and lubricants; oil field and emulsion polymerization industries. Its proprietary core technologies involve alkylation, sulfonation, sulfation and a number of other specialty operations, including the production of biocidal quats, tertiary amine derivatives and organometallic fuel additives. Pilot, an industry leader in chemical innovation and safety, owns the most state-of-the-art continuous sulfation process in North America, is a leader in quaternary ammonium compounds, and is the world’s largest manufacturer of disulfonates. Pilot is certified under the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program. Pilot Chemical Company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A Historic look at Pilot Chemical Company

1951:   John Morrisroe invents Ice-Cold Sulfonation (ICS) Technology and applies for a patent. A year later, Mr. Morrisroe founded Pilot Chemical Company and opened the Santa Fe Springs, California, facility.

Expanding Into New Territory

1963: Lockland, Ohio

1968: Avenel, New Jersey

1973: Houston, TX – Alkylation technology is introduced

1985: Middletown, Ohio

2016: New Waverly, Texas

2017: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1988:   Enters the emulsion polymerization market

Peter Morrisroe named Chairman & CEO

Paul Morrisroe named President & COO

1993:   Enters the personal care market

Begins selling internationally

1995:   Air/SO3 sulfation technology introduced

1999:   Peter Morrisroe retires

2000:   Paul Morrisroe named Chairman & President

2002:   50th Anniversary

2005:   Consolidates corporate accounting, sales, customer service and technical functions under one roof

Relocates corporate headquarters to Sharonville, Ohio

2006:   Expands drying capability in Avenel, New Jersey, facility

2007:   Implements new company-wide IT system

Launches new corporate logo and website

2008:   Expands alkylation and distillation capacity in Houston, Texas

Expands sulfonation capacity in Middletown, Ohio

Acquires the business aspects of Intertrade Holding Inc.

2010:   Pamela Butcher named President & COO

Paul Morrisroe becomes Chairman & CEO

2011:   Launches a World-Class Safety program.

2012:   60th Anniversary

Acquires Mason Chemical Company to enter the biocidal quat industry

2015:   Paul Morrisroe retires as CEO

Pamela Butcher named CEO

2016:   Acquires Liquid Minerals Group, Inc., to enter the organometallic fuel additives market

Pamela Butcher retires as CEO and joins the Board of Directors

Michael Scott named President

Attains certification under the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program

2017:   Acquires ATRP Solutions, Inc., to expand its proprietary technologies in the oil field chemicals, lubricant additives and paints and coatings markets

ATRP Solutions, Inc. renamed Pilot Polymer Technologies, Inc.

Pamela Butcher named CEO and President

2018:   Mike Clark named COO

New state-of-the art Innovation Center opens in Pittsburgh, PA

John Brantley named to Board of Directors

 Bob Cellura named Director Emeritus

2019:   Relocates corporate headquarters to West Chester, Ohio

Acquires Organo Sintesis in December

2020:   Newly renovated and expanded facilities debut: Sharonville Technology Center and a pilot plant at the Middletown, Ohio site

Pamela Butcher steps down as CEO, while remaining on the company’s Board of Directors as special advisor to the Chairman

Mike Clark assumes leadership of the company as President and COO

Mike Clark promoted to CEO

Pilot Chemical launches first sustainability report

Pilot Chemical celebrates its 70th Anniversary on September 19

Christian MacIver named President and COO