There are numerous health, safety and environmental requirements worldwide. Plants are subject to safety rules and emission limits with operating requirements that may be embodied in sources such as statutes, regulations, laws and permits. It is Pilot Chemical’s intent to comply with both the letter and the spirit of statutes, regulations, laws and permit requirements. Identified compliance issues are treated seriously, and all noncompliance matters are resolved as expeditiously as possible.

Pilot Chemical is committed to continuously reducing the environmental impact of our operations. Please see Pilot Chemical’s Management System Policy.

Audit Programs

Pilot Chemical has created an audit program to establish and maintain a verification process that ensures that all requirements within Pilot Chemical’s Management Systems are properly implemented and maintained.  This program was designed to ensure compliance with national, state, and local regulatory requirements as well as corporate standards and procedures. Audit findings are reported promptly to the plant management teams, who must address and correct all issues in a timely manner.  Full regulatory and process safety management audits are performed every three years.  In addition, targeted regulatory compliance audits based on corporate work instructions are performed.