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April 22, 2024

Norovirus is a highly contagious virus that causes severe gastrointestinal distress.  It is commonly referred to as the stomach flu or a stomach bug, but it is not related to the influenza virus.  While you can contract norovirus any time during the year, it is most prevalent in the United States from November to April.

The most common ways to contract norovirus are through contact with someone who is infected; eating or drinking contaminated foods or beverages; and by touching contaminated surfaces and then putting your fingers in your mouth.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people can continue to spread norovirus two or more weeks after they feel better1.

A few of the best ways to help prevent the spread of norovirus are through proper hand washing and hygiene, following appropriate food handling and preparation guidelines, and disinfecting surfaces where the virus is likely to be present.  Mason Chemical Company, a Pilot Chemical Company subsidiary, has twenty-one registrations available for supplemental registration with proven efficacy against norovirus when used as directed on hard, non-porous surfaces.  The below products are all listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) List G as being effective against norovirus.

Contact Mason Chemical Company to learn more about subregistering with us!


Product Name Formulation Type Active Ingredients/s
Maguard™ 5626 Dilutable Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid
Maquat® 2.75-D Dilutable Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 5.5-D Dilutable Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 11-D Dilutable Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 2.75-FD Dilutable Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 11-FD Dilutable Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 615-HD Dilutable Quaternary ammonium
Maquat® 5.5-M Dilutable Quaternary ammonium
Maquat® 7.5-M Dilutable Quaternary ammonium
Maquat® 702.5-M Dilutable Quaternary ammonium
Maquat® 705-M Dilutable Quaternary ammonium
Maquat® 710-M Dilutable Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 750-M Dilutable Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 32-MN Dilutable; Electrostatic spray Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 64-MN Dilutable; Electrostatic spray Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 128-MN Dilutable; Electrostatic spray Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 256-MN Dilutable; Electrostatic spray Quaternary Ammonium
Maquat® 32-NHQ Dilutable Quaternary ammonium
Maquat® 64-NHQ Dilutable Quaternary ammonium
Maquat® 128-NHQ Dilutable Quaternary ammonium
Maquat® 256-NHQ Dilutable Quaternary ammonium