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Pilot Chemical

Volunteers from Pilot Chemical Company participate in the Mill Creek Water Quality Monitoring Program

May 3, 2016

Volunteers from Pilot Chemical Company collected water samples on Saturday, April 9 at Glenwood Gardens and the surrounding area as a part of the Mill Creek Water Quality Monitoring Program. Rick Shook, technical manager from Liberty Township, joined his colleagues to gather the samples, which were then tested for bacteria, pH and other elements that need to be in correct balance for the ecosystem to function well.

Craig Thompson from Hamilton, Sarah Garrett from West Chester, Michele Smith from Mason, Kiley Hammond from Mason, Rhonda Hart from Mariemont and Bartley Morrisroe from Cincinnati, made up the rest of the group from Pilot Chemical that will be visiting the sites once per month.

Pilot recently joined the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities to contribute to the environmental and economic health of the 166-square-mile watershed. Since its start in 1952, Pilot Chemical has been committed to continuously improving its environmental impact. In addition to the Mill Creek Watershed Council, Pilot is also an active member of ChemStewards® and is pursuing a Responsible Care® certification.