Product Safety Code

We enjoy healthier and longer lives, thanks, in part, to remarkable innovations in chemistry. From life-saving medical devices to airbags, from child safety seats to clean drinking water, chemistry is at the heart of making our lives better and safer.

As valuable as the products of chemistry are, they also must be used responsibly. Pilot Chemical is committed to the safe, responsible, sustainable management of chemicals through their life cycles and for their intended uses.

The Product Safety Code includes a set of 11 Management Practices, through which Pilot Chemical can evaluate, demonstrate and continuously improve our product safety performance, while also making information about chemical products available to the public.

Pilot Chemical commits to systematic, continuous improvement in product safety through applying the Code’s eleven management practices, which address:

·         Leadership Commitment

·         Accountability and Management

·         Prioritization of Products

·         Product Information

·         Risk Characterization

·         Product Safety Management

·         Management of New Information

·         Product Design and Improvement

·         Value Chain Communications, Cooperation and Outreach

·         Information Sharing

·         Performance Assessment and Continuous Improvement