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Pilot Chemical

Pilot Chemical Announces Promotion of Shoaib Arif to Research Fellow

October 30, 2020

Pilot Chemical Corp. is proud to announce the promotion of Shoaib Arif to research fellow, the highest-level technical role at the company. A promotion to research fellow is reserved for excellent technologists who have a long and enduring track record of technical and commercial accomplishments. Additionally, the individual must be recognized within the company and within the industry for their knowledge, contributions and experience.

“The internal and external acclaim for Shoaib comes from years of participation in an area combined with a proven track record of customer support, successful product development, industry participation and relevant publications,” said Glynn Goertzen, vice president of technology and innovation and corporate development, Pilot Chemical. “Shoaib has exhibited these throughout his long career with the most recent example being the development and commercialization of the Aspire®️ line of Pilot Chemical products.”

Added John Manka, director of technology, Pilot Chemical: “Shoaib is well deserving of this promotion and is a role model for aspiring formulators and others emulating deep subject matter understanding, commitment to customers and product innovation.”

As research fellow, Arif is responsible for developing new products and helping move products through the commercialization pipeline. This includes synthesizing new molecules, formulating new products, performing experiments to generate data for new products, new claims and new applications, and analytical test method development. He is based at the company’s recently renovated and expanded, cutting-edge technology center located in Sharonville, Ohio.

Arif has more than 30 years of experience in the chemical industry and has spent the last 15 years of his career with Pilot Chemical. He specializes in formulating novel, commercially successful products for the Personal Care and Household, Industrial & Institutional markets and taking them from initial concept to launch. Most recently, Arif developed Pilot Chemical’s new Aspire®️ line of Disinfecting, Sanitizing & Cleaning products.

Arif earned a master’s degree in Chemistry from The Karachi University, holds 10 patents and has published numerous technical and commercial publications in his areas of expertise.

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