Oilfield Foamer Chemicals

Oilfield Foamer Chemicals

Oil Field foaming agents designed to perform in high brine levels

Chemical Overview

Calsoft® AOS-1245

Sodium Alpha Olefin (C12) Sulfonate

High flash foamer in highly electrolytic solutions & hard/soft water environments. Perfect for oil field down hole drilling applications.

Macat® LFB

Capryl/Capramidopropyldimethyl Betaine

Macat® LFB is a 30% active, caprylic/capric (C8/10) amidopropyl dimethyl glycine (betaine) in water. Macat® LFB has exceptional quality and mildness which allows for use in a variety of markets and applications. Personal Care, HI&I, as wells as others.

Macat® CAP-HS

Cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine

Macat® CAP-HS is a 50% solids, coco (C12) amidopropyl hydroxysultaine in water. CAP-HS is an effective wetting and detergent agent, outstanding foam stabilizer, and is stable in strongly acid and alkaline systems.

Caloxamine® LO

Lauramine Oxide

Great grease emulsifier, foam stabilizer and viscosity builder. Generates copious foam and mildness properties in many formulations. Bleach and peroxide stable.

Macat® Ultra CDO

Cocamidopropylamine Oxide

Macat® Ultra CDO is a 30% active, coco (C12) amidopropyl dimethylamine oxide in water. Ultra CDO is an effective wetting agent, outstanding foam booster, grease cutter and low pH thickener.

Macat® AO-10

Decyl dimethylamine oxide

Macat® AO-10 is a 30% active, decyl (C10) dimethylamine oxide in water. AO-10 is an effective wetting agent, outstanding foam stabilizer and grease cutter that is hypochlorite and acid stable.