Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals

Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals

Pilot Chemical products and unique chemistries are finding there way into many different enhanced oil recovery projects.

Chemical Overview

Calimulse® PR

Isopropylamine Branched Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate

Excellent high active emulsifier, wetting agent, penetrant and dispersant. Perfect for oil field, EP, textile and various agricultural applications. CFR 21 approved.

Calsoft® AOS-1245

Sodium Alpha Olefin (C12) Sulfonate

High flash foamer in highly electrolytic solutions & hard/soft water environments. Perfect for oil field down hole drilling applications.

Macat® TAM-2 Betaine

Tallow Dihydroxyethyl Betaine

Macat® TAM-2 Betaine is a 35% solids, tallow (C18) dihydroxyethyl betaine in water. Macat® Alkyl Betaines are classic zwitterion surfactants with good detergency and coupling performance, with exceptional mildness to skin.