Lubrication Additives

Lubrication Additives

Pilot Chemical's lubricant additives are comprised of a range of anionic and nonionic products for oil and water soluble applications. Pilot manufactures the leading sodium sulfonates for metal working, corrosion inhibitor, emulsifier, and demulsifier applications which are produces via the company's proprietary ice-cold sulfonation process.

Chemical Overview

Aristonate® C-5000

Neutral Calcium Sulfonate, 5 TBN (MW=520)

High performance corrosion inhibitor and demulsifier. Offers great water rejection characteristics for hydraulic fluids. Exhibits great corrosion inhibition in soluble oil and semi-synthetic industrial lubricant formulations.

Aristonate® S-4600

High Molecular Wt. Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate (MW=460)

First-intent, high efficiency emulsifier with enhanced corrosion inhibition and low foam profile. Great utility sulfonate for soluble oils and semi-synthetic systems. Well suited for paraffinic and naphthenic base stocks.

Aristonate® S-5000

Very High Molecular Wt. Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate (MW=500)

First-intent emulsifier with great corrosion inhibition and low foam profile. Well suited for semi-synthetic metalworking and lubrication formulations incorporating paraffinic oils.

Calamide® C

Cocamide DEA

Excellent and economical foam stabilizer, emulsifier and viscosity builder. Widely used in HI&I and personal care products. Offers great viscosity response with various salts.

Macat® DOSS-75E

Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate

Macat® DOSS-75E is 75% active in water and ethanol. Macat® DOSS grades have broad FDA Status, and offer compatibility in a wide range of solvent systems for use as a versatile wetting, dispersing, emulsifying and detergent ingredients.