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Pilot Chemical

Pilot Chemical Launches New Product: Enhansys® CPH Preservative

August 9, 2022

Pilot Chemical Company is pleased to announce a new product – a broad-spectrum cosmetic preservative called Enhansys® CPH. Enhansys® CPH preservative is a >99% active, cGMP-grade Chlorphenesin in a fine crystalline powder form that is suitable for use in a variety of both rinse-off and leave-on personal care formulations.

Produced in compliance with FDA regulations at our state-of-the-art production facility in Mexico, Enhansys® CPH preservative is the only product of its kind manufactured in North America.

Enhansys® CPH preservative can be incorporated into cosmetic products to prevent fungi, bacteria, and yeast contamination. Preventing such contamination may help keep products from spoiling and prolong product quality and shelf life.

Applications include hair-care products, makeup, skin care, and other personal-care products. Formulators can use Enhansys® CPH preservative as an alternative to parabens, formaldehyde donor chemistries, and isothiazolinones. Enhansys® CPH preservative is compatible with other chemistries such as phenoxyethanol. 

Samples of Enhansys® CPH preservative are available and can be requested for prequalification.

We’re excited to make this high-quality product available for our customers. Learn more, download a data sheet and/or request a sample here.