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Why Aspire® G Super Concentrate

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Shoaib Arif is a Research Chemist at Pilot Chemical Co., Cincinnati, OH. Previously, he was manager of technology at Degussa Corp (Now Evonik Industries). He has also worked for Lubrizol, Witco, and Olin Chemicals. Arif has a master’s degree in chemistry and more than 40 years’ experience in surfactant applications, technical service, product development and formulations involving personal care and H I & I products. He holds 10 patents and has authored many technical articles in industry journals and magazines regarding personal care and H I & I product formulations.

Shoaib Arif

Why Pilot for Your Super Concentrate

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Reduced Cost 

Cost optimization of supply chain and logistics 

Freight savings 

Warehouse space savings

Improve Your Product Performance

Save on Packaging, Shipping, and Labor Costs

Accelerate Your Speed to Market

A Superior Clean: Thorough Testing Protocol

Laundry Pod Stain Removal

Aspire® G Super Concentrate's compatibility with pod materials and amenable formulation with enzymes makes for a high performing laundry product 

  • Excellent performance compared to national brands 
  • Stain removal performance constant at 2-fold dilution 
  • Effective at cold wash temperatures 

Liquid Laundry Stain Removal

Aspire™ G Super Concentrate readily formulates with builders and enzymes to make a liquid laundry detergent that has excellent stain removal performance compared to household brands

Bathroom Soap Scum Removal

The addition of citric acid and solvent to Aspire™ G Super Concentrate produces a bathroom cleaner comparable to leading household brands and better than I&I brands

Hard Surface Cleaner

Aspire™ G Super Concentrate easily formulates into a superior greasy surface cleaner that uses 10x less solvent* and nearly 2x less surfactant* than competitors.

Aspire G 

Aspire G Brochure

Up to 98% Active Super Concentrate Surfactant Blend

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Increased Performance 

Fewer chemicals with a better outcome 

Streamlined cleaning processes 

Effective at low surfactant concentrations

Highly Processable 

Pourability and light color 

Cold processable 

Readily dilute with water 

Common additives for easy blending and customization

Improved Sustainability 

Biodegradable components 

Low/no odor 

Reduce water usage

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