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Pilot Chemical offers a broad range of products with applications in the oil & gas industry for biocides, hydraulic fracturing, improved oil recovery, and flow assurance, among others. Pilot also has the ability to manufacture specialized oil & gas production applications.

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Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

Oil Recovery

Flow Assurance Solutions

Friction-Reducing Slurries

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Flowback Surfactant Concentrate

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Improved Oil Recovery in Tight Shales and Carbonates

Paraffin Inhibitors 
for Flow Assurance

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Friction Reducing Slurries

Flowback Surfactant Concentrate

Improved Oil Recovery in Tight Shales and Carbonates

Paraffin Inhibitors for Flow Assurance

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Pilot provides chemistries for biocides, hydraulic fracturing, drilling, production, completion, enhanced oil recovery and flow assurance applications.

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7 Patents in Oil & Gas with 9 Pending


Foaming Agents, Emulsifiers and Demulsifiers

Paraffin Inhibition, Flowback Surfactants, Corrosion Inhibition

- Microbial control
- EPA registered Maquat®    products

- Calfoam® products
- Calsoft® products
- Caltaine® products
- Calimulse® products
- Masodol® products

- Calimulse® products
- CalBlend® products
- Mason® products
- Aristonate® products

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A Superior Clean: Thorough Testing Protocol

Laundry Pod Stain Removal

Aspire® G Super Concentrate's compatibility with pod materials and amenable formulation with enzymes makes for a high performing laundry product 

  • Excellent performance compared to national brands 
  • Stain removal performance constant at 2-fold dilution 
  • Effective at cold wash temperatures 

Liquid Laundry Stain Removal

Aspire™ G Super Concentrate readily formulates with builders and enzymes to make a liquid laundry detergent that has excellent stain removal performance compared to household brands

Bathroom Soap Scum Removal

The addition of citric acid and solvent to Aspire™ G Super Concentrate produces a bathroom cleaner comparable to leading household brands and better than I&I brands

Hard Surface Cleaner

Aspire™ G Super Concentrate easily formulates into a superior greasy surface cleaner that uses 10x less solvent* and nearly 2x less surfactant* than competitors.

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Pilot's Expertise

With Pilot’s expertise in surfactant chemistry, our oil & gas products provide cost-effective solutions to common problems during hydrocarbon production, fracturing operations, and more.

Pilot uses innovative processes to manufacture the highest quality performance chemical solutions to help our customers grow profitably. With a firm commitment to continuously adapting to the dynamic needs 
of the marketplace, we’re ready for the future and can support your company’s long-term success.

 As your preferred solutions provider, we have:     
- 7 patents in Oil & Gas Applications, with an additional 9 pending 
- Flexible in-house formulated delivery method for a wide range of FR options     
- A variety of surfactant chemistries for reservoir specific solutions 
- Surfactant manufacturing capabilities for market’s unmet needs

Our customers benefit from our new state-of-the-art innovation center, an expansion of the Pilot Polymer Technologies laboratory facility. We have six additional manufacturing facilities, including two located in Texas- in New Waverly and Houston.

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