Why Pilot for Your Emulsion Polymerization?

Enhance the properties of your coatings and adhesive applications.

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    Less Foam Generation

    Low-foaming emulsifiers with 60% less foam so you can see the reaction and stir it just right. That way, you don’t get buildup on hotspots or shock grit.

  • 2

    Better at Emulsifying Difficult Monomers

    Stable monomer pre-emulsion so you save hours of frustration in unpredictable changes in how quickly monomers are added to the reactor. And now, you have freedom in the types of EPs you can produce, giving you a competitive advantage.

  • 3

    Rapid Foam Decay

    Not only does Calfax® generate less foam, the foam that does generate decays more rapidly, giving you more flexibility in your formulations.

  • 4

    Better Shear Stability

    Excellent colloidal stability so you have less grit, reducing your.. waste & cleanup, and greater freedom to formulate higher viscosity EP’s.

  • 5

    Better Particle Size Control

    More consistent viscosity so you can put your emulsion polymerization process on autopilot.

  • 6

    Lower Migration Coatings

    Reduced surfactant migration so you have less whitening from water exposure.

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Calfax®: the most versatile formulation

The uniqueness of the Calfax® surfactants is based on the high charge associated with the disulfonate functionality combined with the large hydrophilic “footprint” associated with the diphenyl oxide disulfonate head group.

Calfax®: 60% Less Foam*

Diphenyl oxide-based surfactants such as Calfax® DB-45 & 16L-35 produce much less foam than traditional emulsifiers such as alkyl sulfates.

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* Tested against leading brand