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Pilot Chemical

Pilot Chemical Company Announces Retirement of CEO, Paul Morrisroe

October 15, 2015

Pilot Chemical Company today announced that Paul Morrisroe, Chairman and CEO, is retiring as CEO effective October 15. His retirement as CEO is the culmination of a management transition plan the company adopted earlier this year. Mr. Morrisroe will remain as an active owner as well as the Chairman of Pilot Chemical’s Board of Directors. Succeeding Mr. Morrisroe as CEO is Pamela R. Butcher, who will become Pilot Chemical’s President and CEO.

“I look forward to the next stage of my career knowing that Pilot’s future is as bright as ever,” said Mr. Morrisroe. “I have the utmost confidence in Pilot’s management, and I am proud that the next generation of the Morrisroe family – my son and daughter – have already joined Pilot.”

Mr. Morrisroe began his career at Pilot Chemical as a plant engineer in 1972. He became the company’s president in 1988 and has served as CEO since 1999.

Ms. Butcher will be the fourth CEO in Pilot Chemical’s 63-year history. She previously served as the company’s President and COO since 2010.

Pilot Chemical is in the midst of a previously announced search for a new president. Once a new president has started, Ms. Butcher will remain as the company’s CEO for the duration of the planned transition period.