Pilot Chemical Company Celebrates 65th Anniversary

Published September 18, 2017

Pilot Chemical Company celebrates its 65th anniversary today. The company was founded on this date in 1952 in Santa Fe Springs, California, by John Morrisroe. Morrisroe began the company with his patent for a process called ice-cold sulfonation, which resulted in higher quality products.

The company has followed the vision of its founder by innovating and expanding. Recent acquisitions include Mason Chemical Company in Arlington Heights, Illinois, in 2012; Liquid Minerals Group, Inc., in New Waverly, Texas, in 2016; and ATRP Solutions, Inc., in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this year. Today it has 285 employees and sells worldwide.

From Santa Fe Springs, the company first expanded to Lockland, Ohio, in 1963; then to Avenel, New Jersey, in 1968; Houston, Texas, in 1973; and Middletown, Ohio, in 1985. The company headquarters were originally in Santa Fe Springs but were relocated to Cincinnati in 2005.

 “It is fitting to remember John Morrisroe on Pilot’s 65th anniversary,” said Mike Scott, Pilot Chemical’s president. “We owe much of the company’s success to the example he set.”