Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Pilot Chemical products and unique chemistries are finding there way into many different enhanced oil recovery projects.

Chemical Overview

Calimulse® PR

Isopropylamine Branched Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate

Excellent high active emulsifier, wetting agent, penetrant and dispersant. Perfect for oil field, EP, textile and various agricultural applications. CFR 21 approved.

Calfoam® SDS-30

Sodium Decyl Sulfate

Biodegradable foaming and wetting agent that foams well in brines and high electrolyte solutions. Lower foam profile than sodium lauryl sulfate. Excellent choice for firefighting foams and downhole applications.

Macat® TAM-2 Betaine

Tallow Dihydroxyethyl Betaine

Macat® TAM-2 Betaine is a 35% solids, renewable carbon based tallow (C18) dihydroxyethyl betaine in water. Macat® Alkyl Betaines are classic zwitterion surfactants with good detergency and coupling performance, with exceptional mildness to skin. 

Calsoft® AOS-1245

Sodium Alpha Olefin (C12) Sulfonate

High flash foamer in highly electrolytic solutions, & hard/soft water environments. Perfect for oil field down hole drilling applications.