Corrosion Inhibition

Corrosion Inhibition

Synthetic sulfonates and specialty chemistries ideally suited for corrosion prevention while insuring consistency, uniformity, and reliable performance. In addition to the listed products, Pilot can custom manufacture products to meet your specifications

Chemical Overview

Aristonate® S-4000

Low Molecular Wt. Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate (MW=400)

First-intent, custom tailored and efficient emulsifier with a very low foam tendency. Offers excellent ferrous corrosion inhibition for soluble oils. Easily forms micro-emulsions in semi-synthetic systems.

Aristonate® H

High Molecular Wt. Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate (MW=470)

Excellent emulsifier and corrosion inhibitor for high water based cutting fluids and soluble oils. Provides corrosion inhibition properties in hydraulic fluids, waterproof grease, heavy-duty EP oils, coolants, drawing compounds and rolling oils.

Aristonate® M

Medium Molecular Wt. Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate (MW=430)

First-intent economical general utility emulsifier that offers great corrosion protection. Good choice for oil in water, water-in-oil, and solids in oil formulations. Emulsifier of choice for high water based cutting fluids and simple soluble oils

Aristonate® MME-60

Medium Molecular Wt. Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate (MW=470)

Excellent emulsifier with good corrosion protection properties and has a very low foam tendency. Has outstanding stability in presence of boric acid amine corrosion inhibitors, and contains no alkaline earth metals.

Aristonate® VH-2

Very High Molecular Wt. Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate (MW=500)

Offers very strong and extraordinary corrosion inhibitor for metal parts exposed to water, such as high water based coolants and hydraulic fluids, drawing compounds, cutting oils and simple soluble oils. Provides maximum part adhesion during machining.

Aristonate® C-5000

Neutral Calcium Sulfonate, 5 TBN (MW=520)

High performance corrosion inhibitor and demulsifier. Offers great water rejection characteristics for hydraulic fluids. Exhibits great corrosion inhibition in soluble oil and semi-synthetic industrial lubricant formulations.

Maquat® DSC 75PG

Dimethyldioctadecyl ammonium Chloride

Maquat® DSC 75PG is characterized as a 75% active liquid liquid dimethyl dioctadecyl ammonium chloride. DSC is a high quality, low color, alcohol soluble cationic surfactant with excellent substantive properties for use in personal care formulations, and a versatile antistat and dispersant for a wide range of industrial applications. 

Masurf® FS-3300

Fluoroaliphatic Phosphate Ester Fluorosurfactant

Leveling agent, defoamer, flow and rheology modifier, and adds soil resistance, and is an effective anti-block in aqueous coatings such as gloss and semigloss paints. Useful in Water-Based Latex Paints to extend open-time (wet-edge time)

Masurf® FS-3330A

Fluoroaliphatic Phosphate Ester Fluorosurfactant

Masurf® FS-3330A is characterized as a 30% active C6-based ammonium fluoroaliphatic phosphate ester in an aqueous solution.  FS-3330A contributes exceptional oil resistance, rheology and surface modification, spreading and leveling properties to a wide range of systems from wood to stone.