EPA Registered Disinfectants/ Sanitizers

EPA Registered Disinfectants/ Sanitizers

A variety of disinfectants and sanitizers, from peracetic acid to quaternary blends Pilot offers registered products supported by our registration team ready to fulfill your disinfecting and sanitizing needs

Chemical Overview

Maguard® 5626 [EPA Supplemental Registration 10324-214]

Peroxyacetic Acid-Based Sanitizer/Disinfectant

  Maguard® 5626 is an effective EPA registered 5.9% peroxyacetic acid/27.3% hydrogen peroxide-based liquid sanitizer and disinfectant.

Maquat® 25:12 [EPA Supplemental Registration 10324-185]

Glutaraldehyde-Quat Blend

Maquat® 25:12 is an EPA registered synergistic blend of glutaraldehyde, didecyldimethyl ammonium chloride and n-alkyl (50%C14, 40%C12, 10%C16) dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride in a water/ethanol solution. It was specifically designed and optimized for control of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) that contribute to souring, the production of sulfide, and abiotic corrosion in Oil Field and Cooling Water systems, Gas Production and Transmission Pipelines and systems. 

Maquat® LC12S-50%

Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride

Maquat® LC12S-50% is uniquely optimized for a broad spectrum of bacteriological control for a wide range of applications. Maquat® LC12S-50% is solvent free for use in areas where flash point issues are a concern.