Liquid Minerals Group LTD.

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Meet Liquid Minerals Group

Liquid Minerals Group LTD. of New Waverly, Texas is a global leader in fuel additives with over 50 years of experience. The company makes products for the oil field, refinery, power generation and marine industries and is the largest manufacturer of high concentration oil soluble magnesium fuel additives. Liquid Minerals makes four different types of oil soluble fuel additives, including magnesium, zinc, iron and aluminum.

The fuel additive products are used across several applications. They are used to treat gas turbines, boilers and diesel engines. The fuel additives also control hydrogen sulfide in asphalt and crude oil, which can be dangerous for anyone who works with these substances. Additional uses for the additives include mercaptan removal, acid scavenging and acting as an antifoulant for pipe surfaces. 

Liquid Minerals will expand Pilot’s business into the organometallic fuel additives markets and provide further growth opportunities for Pilot’s existing surfactants and antimicrobial businesses.

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