ATRP Solutions, Inc.

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Meet ATRP Solutions

ATRP Solutions, Inc., of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, joined Pilot Chemical Company in July 2017. ATRP Solutions manufactures polymers through controlled radical polymerization (CRP) for use in the oil field chemicals, lubricant additives and paints and coatings markets.

ATRP Solutions spent a decade developing CRP as a tool to create well-defined polymers with precise architectures. By joining Pilot Chemical, the company can now produce these polymers on a commercial scale.

The company has a highly trained staff of research scientists and a patent portfolio demonstrating years of ingenuity. Its products include fracASSIST, which is used in oil fields to improve performance and reduce environmental impact, and Advantomer, Surfaclear and Crystalein, which are used in lotions, shampoos and anti-aging creams.

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